Who are Audio Houndz?

Audio Houndz isn’t just a publishing and licensing company. We are actually a team of talented individuals that specialize in the various fields of music production, audio engineering, song-writing, and artist development. We are very creative and open-minded to adding any style of music to our diverse catalog.

Audio Houndz has worked on such projects for Kris Searle (“Grammy Considered” 5x LA MUSIC AWARD Winner), Darnell Swallow (Big Brother 9 UK Finalist), Cairon (Big Brother 10 UK), OD Hunte (Production on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Punk’d, EA Sports Fight Night), TMAC (2011 LA Music Award Winner), Frank Lucas Jr.(Lucas Legacy Group), Vanity Clothing Co, Zappro Productions, Realistic Films, Foglifter Media, and many more.

The Audio Houndz staff consistently shops every piece of music we have to various music supervisors, production houses, and film-makers to get placements in commercials, movies, tv shows, games, and mobile apps. We work hard to find and build long term relationships with the best talent in the world. Music is our passion and we strive to help our clients succeed to new levels of achievement.