Production Is An Important and Tricky Thing To Do In The Music Business

Production is an important and tricky thing to do in the music business. It has so many moving parts from concept to writing to recording onto performing, mixing, mastering and distribution. Producing has never been a one person job although so many artists/ producers try to make it such. In doing my research for various topics and ideas I came across a few great tips for new and old producers that may “think” they know it all. If you know like I do, anything can spark a new musical endeavor. Many producers fail to come out of their comfort zone and therefore get stuck in an eternal rut of “their” sound which is no more than the laziness of not knowing your equipment and failing to be able to create it how you hear it in your head. This frustration leads to compromise…. and compromise leads to mediocrity…. and you know where that gets you. Here are a few tips to maybe help you see your music as a gift to share and not some personal toy that you have to do what you want with and never spread its joy with those around you.

Read Your Manual: A great producer can get what’s in his head (or the artists head) out into reality. If you don’t know how to work your equipment fully, how can you fully explore your sound?

Don’t try to do too much too fast: Learn one or two things in detail and then build off from there. A lot of times we tend to try and do too much before we are good at one thing and in turn, we are good at nothing.

Sometimes to make great songs you have to cut the dead weight ASAP: Stop holding onto useless parts of your music or areas that you know doesn’t work with a song but sounds good alone. If you are making a song and this doesn’t work….scrap it. Don’t try to force the music together. It’s the quickest way to ruin a good idea.

There are literally thousands of ways to sound good: The key is crafting your talent to a level where you can explore and release all the energy and sounds around you. There is nothing worse than having an idea or song in your head and not being able to release it. Singing the melody or hook over and over in your head gets old fast. You can belt out your favorite songs with family and friends using these best karaoke machines that are compatible with smartphones, tablets and more.

Done right, it doesn’t feel like you wrote the song at all: Stop over-thinking it. It’s there inside you. All that needs to be done is to let it out and capture the emotion you feel on tape. You know what feels right and you know when you are in the groove. Try using this nonchalant approach to writing next time. There is no pressure. That just creates stress.

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