Slaughterhouse Performs at SXSW 2014

If you have not heard of SXSW, then get on it! This is one of the biggest music events in the country. To be able to see some of the best bands in the world for FREE, is a blessing. There are many events we attended for FREE. We just RSVP the event and get a wristband upon arrival. A couple of the free shows we hit were through Hype Hotel and Quantum Collective. AudioHoundz artist TMAC performed on the House of Vans Stage along-side the Pro BMX Half-Pipe. If you’d like to hear more of TMAC, please visit check his music out HERE.

Love X Stereo put on a great performance @ SXSW. Love X Stereo is an electronic rock band based in Seoul, Korea. Their music is authentic based from alternative and punk rock from the 90’s with using synths and effects. Annie Ko (lead singer/synths), Toby Hwang (guitar/production) and Sol Han (bass) make up the unique sound of Love X Stereo. If you wanna have a good time, dance and hear an unbelievable band…then check out Love X Stereo. Listen to their music HERE

Moon Taxi was AMAZING! The Nashville rock group, who had honed in on a notably compelling aesthetic with their previous album Cabaret, focused on extending the sonic landscape they’d created in earlier recordings, but this time around they amp up the speed and turn up the volume – creating an overall bigger sound. First off…when you end your set with Killing In The Name of by Rage Against The Machine, I don’t care who you are, that shit is tight! If you are ready to get your socks blown off, please check their music out HERE

Keaton Simons and Deantoni Parks brought the Blues back to a whole new level. If you had a click track next to Deantoni Parks….the click would sound off time. That’s how on point he is. Keaton Simons is what LA Times called “A Triple Threat”. He froze the audience with his compelling, soulful songs and amazing guitar skills. The energy that these two brought to the rooftop of the Whole Foods Quantum Collective was captivating. Also, just so everyone knows how good these guys are, Deantoni plays the drums and the bass at the SAME TIME…yup. He has an electronic keyboard programmed to a bass guitar and does both. To hear what these guys do, listen HERE

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