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Hank Macfarland aka VA

Co-Founder/Owner | Creative Director | Songwriter
Growing up in Virginia Beach, with over 20 plus years of writing experience from poetry slam wins to nearly every style of music, Hank “VA” Mitchell has written, produced, and arranged songs for many acts both locally (North Dakota / Minnesota) and nationally. VA has what we call the “Golden Eardrum” of the team, so we count on him to hear what’s HOT and what’s NOT.

Troy Mitchell aka TM

Co-Founder/Owner | Director of Operations | Producer
From having produced a “Grammy Considered” song, winning 2 LA Music Awards and performing with FLo-Rida at the Indig02 Arena in London, TMAC has worked with over many artists worldwide whether it’s producing, songwriting or audio engineering. TMAC helps keep the Audio Houndz train in motion by running day-to-day operations and discovering new innovative ways to deliver the Audio Houndz music catalog to potential clients.

Kevin Knudson aka KONUNDRUM SPITZZ

Co-Owner | Business Development | Artist
You can’t pitch your music if you don’t have a confident business-minded artist to prove it’s worthiness. Being also an Audio Houndz artist, Spitzz brings to the table an overflow of ideas on how to expand Audio Houndz, where to find new outlets for the opportunity, selling our brand and he keeps everybody laughing (and shaking our heads…JK). Spitzz keeps us alive and wanting to learn more in this ever-so-tough industry.

Brian Williams aka B-MONEY

Co-Owner | Graphics | Visual Media
The newest addition to the team, Brian makes sure to keep us looking good. From single releases, logos and website banners, there is nothing that is needed more in any industry then presence…especially online.