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Here at Audio Houndz, we have a very diverse catalog consisting of artists, producers, and songwriters from around the globe, from the styles of clubby dance tracks, elegant instrumentals, bass thumping rap, acoustic rock, and everything in between. Take a listen to our catalog to see what you or your company can use for your next film, mobile app, commercial, game, advertisement, or video. Here at Audio Houndz, we also have many different stylistic and innovative producers that are experienced in developing and enhancing artist’s talents, composing great background film music, and branding music with your company’s slogan or theme. Most of the artists/producers in our catalog are also amazing songwriters, with some even being finalists in the ISC (International Songwriting Competition). If you would like help writing your next hit record, love song, rap or anything in between, please contact us and we will put you in contact with the talent.

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Bow Miya
Bow Miya is an RnB/Pop singer-songwriter from London, England….Read More

Jatin Puri
Jatin Puri burst onto the New Delhi live-music circuit early 2011….Read More

Shane V! (Electronic/Soundtrack/DJ)
Shane V!’s music is a creative blend of genres; it is simple….Read More

Irina Classic
(Classical Pianist/Electro/Pop)
Irina Classic is a professional classical pianist, producer, and engineer….Read More

Jade Lillie
From the sweltering heat of Phoenix, Arizona arises Jade Lillie ….Read More

Kerri O Raw
A 20-year-old Kerri O’Raw from Scotland has been singing and… Read More

Kate Orange
Behind the name Kate Orange, one can find a creative DJ…Read More

This talented woman was discovered by producer James Lugo in 2006….Read More

Experimental / Jazz / Ambient

(Electronic/Rock/Funky Jazz)
Evan Enquist aka E3 (also known as “E” to most) has over 20 years of…Read More

(Electronic Rock/Experimental)
Started in 2005, Ellul is an electronic rock band based out of San Francisco….Read More

Eric Bolvin
Award-winning composer & arranger, Eric Bolvin is not only one of the ….Read More

House / Dubstep / Glitch / Drum & Bass

(Dance/Glitch/Drum & Bass)
Anoctave Productions is the brainchild of Producer Ian Hicks….Read More


Bejae Keaton
Bejae Keaton a.k.a (B.Mills) is a hip-hop artist hailing from the….Read More

Dave Sentongo
(Pop/Hip-Hop Beats)
David Sentongo began experimenting with hip-hop tracks using the ….Read More

“This album is going to capture those whom once closed their”….Read More

(Instrumental Beats/Hip-Hop/T.V)
Multi-Instrument Musician, Producer, and Composer. Has placements ….Read More

Justin Grahn
Essentially I’m just honest. I’m not out to make a million bucks,…Read More

Coming from Fargo, ND, Troy Macfarland aka “TMAC” is an artist/producer…Read More

Triz, also known as Mason Tangen started his fascination with music back in…Read More

Trip Deuce
Trip Deuce is an American producer and recording artist residing in….Read More

(Hip-Hop/Experimental Beats)
Tunez takes his creations to an outer realm with an abstract…Read More


Dara Taylor
Dara Taylor is a composer, specializing in film music with a background in…Read More

Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (Film/Classical/Minimalism)
Acoustic music composer (chamber music, minimalist, impressionist)…Read More

Han Hess
Numsi is a composer based out of Cape Town South Africa…Read More

John Sommerfield
John Sommerfield is an artist discovered in the Netherlands…Read More

Julius Speed
Working with major artists like Seal, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill….Read More

Martin Barringer
With regular use of his music in reality, TV, game and prime time….Read More

Numsi is a composer based out of Cape Town South Africa…Read More

Pristine Noises
Pristine Noises is Dustin Roberson creating, performing and…Read More

Twisted Poet (Techno/Garage/Electronic)
After a 75 episode contract with Bikini Beach TV featured by…Read More